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The water cooperation MOU was signed between Ch...  [27-10-2016]  
China and Albania signed the MOU in the field o...  [27-10-2016]  
South China prepares for typhoon Haima  [21-10-2016]  
Typhoon Haima to bring heavy rain to eastern Ta...  [20-10-2016]  
Typhoon Sarika makes landfall in South China, h...  [20-10-2016]  
Typhoon Sarika brings heavy toll in Hainan  [20-10-2016]  
Vice Minister Zhou Xuewen met his colleagues fr...  [27-10-2016]  
Minister Chen Lei met Speaker of Albanian Parli...  [27-10-2016]  
Minister Chen Lei attended the Sino-Dutch Water...  [29-09-2016]  
Minister Chen Lei visited Cambodia.  [13-09-2016]  
Minister Chen Lei attended the Russian 2nd East...  [06-09-2016]  
Minister Chen Lei attended the 7th Sino-Swiss H...  [19-08-2016]  
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