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World Water Day and China Water Week in 2022
  2022-03-23 10:42  

March 22, 2022 is the 30th World Water Day, while March 22-28 is the 35th China Water Week. The United Nations announced the theme of World Water Day in 2022 as "Groundwater: Making the Invisible Visible". The theme of China's campaign commemorating World Water Day and China Water Week in 2022 is "Promoting Integrated Governance of Groundwater Overdraft, Recovering Ecological Environment of Rivers and Lakes".

Campaign of World Water Day and China Water Week in 2022 of Ministry of Water Resources

  1. Publishing an article authored by the Minister.

  2. Releasing theme posters and campaign slogans.

  3. Unveiling special reports.

  4. Organizing public communication activities on Groundwater Management Regulations.

Slogans of World Water Day and China Water Week in 2022

  1. Practicing President Xi Jinping's water philosophy of "prioritizing water conservation, balancing spatial distribution, taking systematic approaches, and giving full play to the roles of both government and market" in an all-round manner.

  2. Promoting integrated governance of groundwater overdraft, and rehabilitating ecological environment of rivers and lakes.

  3. Carrying out Groundwater Management Regulations, and strengthening groundwater overdraft control.

  4. Implementing double control management of total groundwater intake and water level.

  5. Recovering ecological environment of rivers and lakes, and maintaining healthy life of rivers and lakes.

  6. Stepping up the River and Lake Chief System, and building up happy rivers and lakes.

  7. Kicking off the Campaign on Mother River Recovery, and enabling rivers to flow and lakes to recover.

  8. Conducting precise management and rational utilization of water resources.

  9. Launching the national water saving campaign in an all-round way.

  10. Establishing water conservation systems and policies, and improving the capacity of intensive and economical utilization of water resources.

  11. Setting up a rigid constraint system of water resources, and strengthening dual-control over total volume and intensity of water consumption.

  12. Making great endeavors in water conservation and water control in the Yellow River basin.

  13. Practicing the Code of Conduct for Citizens for Saving Water.

  14. Implementing the Yangtze River Protection Law of the People's Republic of China in an all-round way.

  15. Scaling up the Law on Soil and Water Conservation, and gearing up comprehensive prevention and control of water and soil erosion.

  16. Constructing major national water network projects, and improving optimal allocation of water resources.

  17. Accelerating the construction of digital twin basins and projects, and reinforcing the capacities of forecasting, early warning, previewing and emergency planning.

  18. Advancing unified planning, governance, regulation and management of river basins.

  19. Intensifying the project system for river basin flood control, and  enhancing the capacity of flood and drought resistance.

  20. Increasing the guarantee level of rural water supply, and securing rural water supply safety.