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Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters

Main functions: organize, coordinate, direct and supervise nationwide activities of flood control and drought relief; coordinate and direct flood control in urban areas and prevention of disasters such as typhoon and mountain flood etc; be responsible for water diversion to major rivers and lakes as well as hydropower facilities for emergency usage and for the purposes of flood control and drought relief; formulate and implement national emergency preplan for flood control and drought relief, and prepare and implement specialized emergency preplans, including flood prevention plan, flood diversion plan, emergent water diversion plan, drought relief plan for key drought-stricken areas and water deficient cities, etc.; take charge of the flood impact evaluation towards flood basins, flood storage and detention basins and flood conservation areas, and organize and direct safe operation and compensation of flood storage and detention basins; take charge of dissemination of flood, drought and disaster information, and provide guidance to flood control and emergency response of major rivers; coordinate work of member units under the Headquarters and organize meetings for consultation; make proposals to the flood control and drought relief Headquarters; be responsible for fund management, management of material reserves for flood control and drought relief purposes, and organization and management of flood control and drought relief teams; be responsible for establishment of commanding system for national flood control and drought relief, and carry out performance evaluation.