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  Water is source of life and irreplaceable resources for the existence and development of human being, and also the base for sustainable development of economy and society in China. Three major problems namely floods and waterlogging, drought and water shortage, and water environment deterioration are main restrictive factors that affect sustainable development of our economy and society, in particularly the water shortage problem. Moreover, with rapid urbanization and industrialization, China faces challenges from large population, limited water resources and deteriorative water environment. Therefore, raising public awareness on conservation and protection of water resources as well as initiating water-saving society is of strategic meaning for China to realize well-off society in an all-round way.  
National Logo for Water Conservation
  Main Objectives  

According to the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the objectives of initiating water saving society are as following:

· By the year of 2010, water use efficiency shall be improved significantly and water consumption per GDP shall be decreased by at least 20% compared to the year of 2005;

· The ratio of irrigation efficiency shall be increased from 0.45 to 0.50;

· Water consumption per unit of industrial added value shall not exceed 115 cubic meters, which is 30% lower compared to the year of 2005;

Posters of 2009 World Water Day and Chinese Water week

· The ratio of leakage of urban water supply system should not exceed 15%, and water saving devices should be widely popularized in urban areas;

· The ratio of recycled water use in water-shortage cities in the northern part of China shall occupy 20% of the total treated wastewater,and 5%-10% in water-shortage cities in the south;

After the completion of the Plan, China shall be able to save 69 billion cubic meters of water each year, including 20 billion cubic meters in the agricultural sector and 13.4 billion cubic meters and 1.8 billion from industrial and domestic usage.

  Effective Measures

Ministry of Water Resources takes a shift from traditional approach of water resources management to a modernized and sustainable way; An effective management system has be created for rational development of water, highly-efficient utilization, optimized allocation, and all-round conservation and protection.


Initiating activities for Conserving & Protecting Water Resources


Laws and regulations such as Water Law and Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law are the legal base for water resources management. Comprehensive plans have been made. Favorable financial and taxation policies for the conservation and protection of water resources have been preliminarily established.

Backbone water projects are constructed for optimizing water resources allocation and protection. The approach of integrated river basin management has been highlighted for keeping a balance between water needs upstream and downstream and demand of environmental flow.

Students are educated for conserving water and environment
  In addition, with joint efforts of the Central Government, local governments and the whole society, the campaigns of "Protect Mother River" and "Water Cellar for Mother" are kicked off. Started from 22nd March 2009 until 22nd March 2010, a number of activities have been initiated or will be initiated together by Ministry of Water Resources, All-China Youth Federation, National Water Conservation Office and Youth Federation of the Central Government Departments. The main theme is to "Implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, and Conserve & Protect Water Resources". The activities includes proposals of water conservation and protection, selection of Water Conservation Ambassador, collection of songs, flashes and cartoons titled on water conservation and so on.    
  Facts and Figures

Water availability per capita is only 2,220 cubic meters in China, which is 1/4 of the world average.

In the total of 663 cities in China, there are more than 400 cities suffer from water shortage problem, and above 110 cities are in sever water shortage.

It is estimated that the daily water shortage of all cities in China is abut 16 million cubic meter; The affected industrial production value due to water shortage may reach to more than 200 billion in a year; The affected urban population is about 40 million.




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