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Minister E Jingping met with Foreign Minister of Bolivia
  2019-05-10 11:35  

  On April 24, 2019, Minister E Jingping met with Foreign Minister Diego Pary Rodríguez of Bolivia and signed the Memorandum of Understanding for water cooperation in Beijing. Deputy Foreign Minister Fernandez and Bolivian Ambassador to China Heriberto Quispe Charca attended the meeting.

  Minister E sincerely welcomed Foreign Minister Rodríguez for his special visit during the 2nd Belt and Road Forum, and expressed gratitude for his emphasis on and support to bilateral water cooperation. He reviewed the water cooperation between the two countries and mentioned that in recent years, China builds a large number of water and hydropower infrastructures that has boosted the strength of China in many areas such as integrated water resources management and planning, water project construction, flood and drought disaster reduction, water-saving irrigation, rural water supply, soil and water conservation, small hydropower development and protection of water environment. Meanwhile, China had successfully implemented cooperation projects with Ecuador and Peru for river basin planning, water resources plan and water project construction, and is willing to share technologies and experiences with Bolivia.

  The signing of Memorandum of Understanding marks the new chapter of bilateral cooperation in the water sector that shall contribute to the Belt and Road Cooperation between the two countries. Minister E suggested to set up a regular exchange mechanism under the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding, so as to strengthen personnel and technical exchanges, and explore opportunities for future cooperation by concentrating on priority areas and maximizing the strength and capability of the two countries. Suggestions are made especially for the projects of second phase of seabuckthorn planting, water resources utilization and flood control planning, personnel training and capacity building.

  Minister Rodríguez expressed that great importance has been attached to bilateral cooperation between the two countries, along with the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative and the signing of memorandum of understanding for a joint effort to promote the Belt and Road Initiative. He noted that water plays a significant role in the development of both countries. The signing of memorandum of understanding for water cooperation is regarded as a key driver for overall China and Bolivia partnership. It will not only foster exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in water field, but also promote a close synergy on the international stage. Minister Rodríguez also introduced water-related activities carried out in Bolivia.

  At the end of the meeting, the ministers signed the“Memorandum of Understanding for Water Cooperation between the Ministry of Water Resources of the People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of Environment and Water of the Plurinational State of Bolivia”.

  Officials from relevant departments and affiliated institutions of Ministry of Water Resources attended the meeting.