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Minister E Jingping met with Minister Masago Zulkifli Bin Masagos Mohamad of the Environment and Water Resources of Singapore
  2018-05-18 15:09  

  On May 3, 2018, Minister E Jingping of Water Resources of China met with the delegation led by the Minister Masago Zulkifli of the Environment and Water Resources of Singapore in Beijing.  Two sides exchanged views on such issues as water resources management, response to climate change, unconventional water sources development and utilization, comprehensive water-saving measures and water protection, and deepening Sino-Singapore programmatic cooperation between the two sides.  Mr. Stanely Loh Ka Leung, the Singapore’s Ambassador to China also attended the meeting.

  Minister E Jinping warmly welcomed Minister Masago Zulkifli and his entourages to pay a visit to the Ministry of Water Resources, and expressed his high appreciation to both Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources of Singapore and the Embassy of Singapore to China for their long-term dedication and support to Sino-Singapore water cooperation.

  Minister E Jinping introduced current status of China’s water sources, water management system, and the latest polices and initiatives on water sources, etc. He pointed out that China is facing with frequent water shortage, flood and drought disasters and heavy water governance tasks. With rapid social and economic development, both old and new water problems are intertwined. The problems of water resources shortage, water ecological damage and water environment pollution are becoming more and more prominent. The tasks of water disaster prevention and control are very arduous. At the same time, water governance faces new situation, challenges and tasks.  The Ministry of Water Resources, commits itself to transforming development concepts, innovating methods and measures, solving problems of imbalanced water development so as to safeguard water security  for social and economic development.

  Minister E Jinping also pointed out that the Singapore government has attached great importance to water resources management and made outstanding achievements in such areas as integrated water resources management, unconventional water resources development and utilization, water ecological protection, water technology and science research, development and application. He added that China and Singapore enjoy a very broad cooperative relationship. Therefore, the Ministry of Water Resources of China is willing to join hands with the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources of Singapore to inject new momentum into the bilateral water cooperation and make a new contribution to the all-round cooperative partnership between the two countries.

  Minister Masago Zulkifli expressed his appreciation of the achievements made by China in the areas of flood and drought disaster prevention and control, water resources management, water environment protection etc. He also briefed the water resources situation and approaches of water recycling, desalination, water conservation and protection, energy saving and consumption reduction etc. in Singapore. He pointed out that both Singapore and China are facing challenges caused by climate change. Therefore, the two countries should continue to deepen cooperation, share experiences and technologies in the areas of water ecological civilization progress and safeguarding water security, strengthen comprehensive water cooperation, research and formulate effective solutions so as to contribute wisdom to all countries in the world.

  Minister E Jingping and Minster Masago Zulkifli also conducted intensive discussion on water laws and regulations, water pricing system reform, comprehensive water saving measures and the progress and effectiveness of river and lake chief system implementation.