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Vice Minister Zhou Xuewen met the World Bank delegation on agriculture and water management from Middle East and North African countries

On January 30, 2018, Mr. Zhou Xuewen, Vice Minister of Water Resources, met a high-level delegation on agriculture and water management from Middle East and North African countries organized by World Bank. The parties exchanged views on upgrading cooperation among Ministry of Water Resources of China and World Bank as well as water departments from Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and Lebanon, and also shared experience and practices in water resources management, irrigation and rural water supply, disaster prevention and mitigation, etc.


Vice Minister Zhou expressed his warm welcome towards the delegation. He emphasized that Ministry of Water Resources maintained a long-term and friendly cooperation relation with World Bank and water authorities of Egypt and other countries. Vice Minister Zhou briefly introduced China’s water resources condition, management system, achievements and missions in the new age. He pointed out that China stood ready for sharing water experience with all countries in the world in the process of realizing the drive for water modernization. He also put forward three proposals for furthering water cooperation, including intensifying high-level exchange visits and policy dialogues, encouraging technical cooperation among river basin authorities, research institutes and planning and designing units on both sides, as well as exploring innovative tri-party cooperation model to promote projects in the developing countries


Mr. Mardian, head of the delegation and Vice Minster of Egyptian Water Resources and Irrigation, spoke highly of the practices and achievements of China in the aspect of water resources management, especially in the agricultural water management, and expressed his appreciation for the long and friendly water cooperation between China and Egypt. He also introduced the situation of water resources management and agricultural development as well as major water challenges in Egypt.


Mr. Bekele Debele, Director of China Bureau of World Bank, praised the water development and reform accomplishments of China and highly recognized the long-term support of Ministry of Water Resources in project cooperation and exchange activities with World Bank. He highlighted that the exchange activity would help the Middle East and North African countries to learn the concepts, policies, technologies and practices of water resources management in China, and World Bank would like to continuously boost the concrete water cooperation with China.


Officials from relevant departments of Ministry of Water Resources also attended the meeting and exchanged views in the fields of water resources management, irrigation and drainage, and flood control and drought relief.