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Vice Minister Tian Xuebin attended the 9th WATEC Israel 2017 and visited Romania

On September 12, 2107, the 9th WATEC Israel 2017 Expo & conference was convened in Tel Aviv. Mr. Tian Xuebin, Vice Minister of Water Resources, attended the opening ceremony of this event and made a speech in the special session of China.


In his speech, Vice Minister Tian emphasized that Chinese government advocated a new development concept featuring “innovation, coordination, green development, openness and sharing”. The country has made constant efforts to improve policy-making process and water management in an innovative manner, and insists on the philosophy of harmony between people and water throughout the process of water conservation, protection, governance and allocation.


Firstly, China has implemented the dual control on total quantity and intensity of water consumption as a key measure for sustaining the carrying capacity of water resources. Secondly, China has initiated the campaign of establishing a “water-saving” society, in order to encourage people to conserve water and use non-conventional water sources. Thirdly, China has set up “river chief system”, in order to put in place accountability as well as strict supervision and assessment. Fourthly, China has paid great attention to protection and restoration of water ecosystem and adopted ecological-friendly measures for meeting the target of water ecological civilization.  


Vice Minister Tian mentioned that although China and Israel are separated from each other by a long distance, both countries are confronted with similar problems and challenges. There exist huge potentials for cooperation in the areas of adaptation to climate change, integrated water resources management and water-saving irrigation. China has introduced drip irrigation and other cutting-edge technologies from Israel, which is of great value for stimulating innovation and advancement of water technologies in China. China stands ready to deepen exchange and cooperation with Israel to promote water technology innovation and realization of SDG water goals.


The 9th WATEC Israel 2017 Expo & conference, launched by the Israeli government, aims to provide a platform for all countries to discuss polices and strategies of water management and exhibit advanced high-efficient water technologies. More than 1,000 officials, experts and business leaders from all over the world took part in this conference which is focused on the theme of “vision, innovation and practice”. Around the topic of the application of Israeli water technologies in the Chinese market, the China session, hosted by the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry, attracted over 300 participants.


During his visit in Israel, Vice Minister Tian met Mr. Eli Cohen, Israeli Minister of Economy and Industry. Both sides exchanged views on strengthening water technical cooperation and personnel exchange. Before attending the conference, Vice Minister Tian visited Romania and met Madam Adriana PETCU, State Secretary of Romanian Ministry of Waters and Forests. Two parties signed a cooperation agreement and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on further enhancing sustainable development and integrated management of water resource, flood control, drought relief, disaster eradication, protection and rehabilitation of water ecology, river basin planning and management, etc.