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Minister Chen met Swedish Minister of Environment and Energy

On June 27th, Mr. Chen Lei, Minister of Water Resources, met Madam Carolina Schug, in Beijing. Two sides exchanged views on upgrading bilateral and China-EU cooperation in the water sector.


Minister Chen Lei pointed out that in recent years Sino-Swedish relationship has witnessed healthy development and achieved fruitful outcomes in the water sector. Especially, since the signing of the MOU on water cooperation in 2013, two sides set up the Sino-Swedish Joint Steering Committee for water management and conducted in-depth exchanges on adaptation to climate change and  water-food-energy nexus.


Minster Chen mentioned that the Chinese government pays great attention to water problems, placing water resources at the heart of economic and social development strategy and promoting ecological progress, with  a series of major policy decisions unveiled. China highly values international best practice and successful paradigms. It is agreed that two sides will continue pragmatic and effective policy dialogues and technical exchange, enhance mutually beneficial cooperation between river basin authorities, research institutes and universities, share technical know-how and expertise, and improve water management in each country with a view of contributing to the overall relationship between China and Sweden.


Minister Chen stressed that, since the establishment of the China Europe Water Platform, Sweden has been actively involved in its various activities, and given strong support to in-depth cooperation and exchange. It is hoped that two sides will give full play to the China-Europe Water Platform, upgrade Sino-Swedish and Sino-EU cooperation, emphasize coordination and cooperation in international water events, and promote the implementation of UN 2030 SDG goals on water.


Minister Carolina Schug spoke highly of the sound bilateral cooperation in water resources management, water technology exchange and other areas in recent years. She stated that the Swedish government attaches great importance to research and development, and stands ready to share experience with China in urban water management and water ecological restoration etc. She hoped that under the frameworks of MOU and China Europe Water Platform, two sides could widen the scope of exchange and cooperation, and make response to the impacts of climate change on water management.


Officials from relevant departments of Ministry of Water Resources attended the meeting.