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Minster Chen Lei met his counterpart from Denmark

Recently, Mr. Chen Lei, Minister of Water Resources, met Mr. Esbon Lund Larson, Minister of the Danish Environment and Food, in Beijing. Two sides exchanged views on strengthening bilateral exchanges and cooperation in water sector and promoting the cooperation under the China Europe Water Platform.


Minister Chen emphasized that water cooperation between China and Denmark has a long history. Especially since the signature of MOU on cooperation in the field of water resources in 2010, two ministries have jointly developed an action plan and conducted productive and pragmatic cooperation in water resources management, groundwater protection, water ecological restoration, river basin management, and adaptation to climate change. At the same time, the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food, as the European Secretariat of the China Europe Water Platform, has been actively driving China and Europe to carry out high-level dialogues, technical exchanges and training activities with fruitful outcomes achieved.


Upon the request of the Danish side, Minister Chen introduced China’s policies on water resources management. He noted that the Chinese government highlights the conservation and protection of water resources as the key element of the green development strategy, unveils the strictest water resources management system and establishes “three red lines” including water development and utilization control, water use efficiency control and pollutant load control in water function zones. In addition, the Chinese government also puts in place an action plan on water pollution prevention, and identifies ten measures, including the comprehensive control of pollutant emissions, the promotion of economic restructuring and upgrading, etc., to systematically advance water pollution prevention and water resources protection.


Minister Chen stated that China attaches great attention to absorbing and introducing advanced water technologies and practices from around the world. Denmark boasts of state-of-arts technologies and management experience in groundwater management, water resources protection, development and utilization of renewable energy and other fields. He hoped that both sides can give the full play to the bilateral exchange mechanism as a bridge to further reinforce project cooperation, technical exchanges and personnel visits, and jointly improve the water management capacity. In the meantime, under the China Europe Water Platform, policy dialogue, scientific research cooperation and business cooperation shall be further deepened so as to boost the China Europe water cooperation to a new height.


Minister Larson expressed his admiration for the China's measures and efforts in water resources management. He pointed out that Denmark is implementing the green welfare policy and highly values the protection of clean water resources. Denmark has accumulated vast experience and mature technologies in the fields of water use efficiency, groundwater monitoring, wastewater treatment and water environment protection, which Denmark stands ready to share with China in order to further intensify bilateral scientific and business cooperation in water sector.


Mr. Anders Carsten Damsgaard, Danish Ambassador to China, and officials from relevant departments of Ministry of Water Resource attended the meeting.