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Vice Minister Ye Jianchun attended the opening ceremony of the 4th meeting of the board of directors of Asian Water Council

On March 30th, 2017, the 4th meeting of the board of directors of Asian Water Council was held in Beijing. Mr. Ye Jianchun, Vice Minister of Water Resources attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Mr. Gyewoon Choi, President of Asian Water Council, Mr. Basuki Hadi, Minister of Public Works and Housing of Indonesia, and Mr. Kim Jang-soo, Ambassador of South Korea to China also attended the meeting and also gave speeches.


In the speech, Vice Minister Ye Jianchun pointed out that Asian Water Council is committed to addressing the challenges of water resources in Asia, sharing technical programs and practical experience, and promoting sustainable regional development. Ministry of Water Resources of China actively supports the development of Asian Water Council, and will actively participate in relevant meetings and activities of Asain Water Council and jointly work out master plans for the Asian water issues as the vice-president unit and the founding member.


Mr. Gyewoon Choi, President of Asian Water Council, expressed his gratitude for the hosting of this meeting by Ministry of Water Resources of China, and also highly appraised the achievements of water reform and development in China in his speech. He further stated that China goes ahead of many Asian countries in the arena of realizing sustainable development, and hoped all the Asian countries mutually learn from each other under the platform of Asian Water Council to better promote the Asian countries to early realize the water goal of SDGs .


Before the meeting, Vice Minister Ye Jianchun met some important participants and deeply exchanged views in the aspects of deepening water cooperation among Asian countries and increasing water management level under the platform of Asian Water Council.


Asian Water Council is a regional non-governmental organization established in March 2016, and its Secretariat is located in Seoul, South Korea. It currently has 105 member units, including 25 member units of the board of directors. The main task of the 4th meeting of the board of directors of Asian Water Council is to review the development of the Council and discuss the 2017 work plan. About 80 representatives from water authorities of Asian countries, academic institutions and water companies attended the meeting.