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Minister Chen Lei met the Indonesian Minister of Public Works and Housing
  2017-04-01 11:06  

On March 30th, 2017, Mr. Chen Lei, Minister of Ministry of Water Resources, met Mr. Basuki Hadi, Minister of Public Works and Housing of Indonesia, and both sides conducted deep exchanges in the fields of water resources management, water infrastructure construction, etc.


Minister Chen Lei conveyed his warm welcome towards Minister Basuki Hadi and his colleagues. He pointed out that in recent years especially in 2009 two Ministries signed MOU on cooperation in the field of water resources, China and Indonesia have been continuing to deepen pragmatic cooperation and active bilateral outcomes have been achieved in the aspects of the sustainable management of water resources, flood control, disaster mitigation, development of integrated water projects and other areas. The national commissions on irrigation and drainage of two countries mutually supported each other and established the regular technical exchange mechanism.


Under the request of Indonesian side, Minister Chen Lei briefly introduced the situations of water resources in China. Minister Chen Lei stressed that Indonesia is one of the key countries along One Belt and One Road, and it is significant to strengthen bilateral cooperation and exchange in the field of water resources. Ministry of Water Resources of China is willing to carry out deep cooperation and enhance high-level exchanges with Indonesia to promote mutual understanding and trust, encourage technical exchanges and pragmatic cooperation, improve the level of water resources management, and mutually realize water goals of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


Minister Basuki Hadi expressed his admiration for the great water achievements in China. He emphasized that Indonesia and China are both confronted with the pressures of water supply and flood control brought by the rapid growth of population, and Indonesia needs to learn successful experience in project construction, project management and technical researches from China. He further stated that China helped Indonesia to build several water projects, and hoped more Chinese companies to participate in the construction of public works in Indonesia. Minister Basuki Hadi also briefed the situations of water resources and project management in Indonesia.


Officials from relevant departments of Ministry of Water Resources also attended the meeting.