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1 Vice Minister Zhou Xuewen met Chair of Global Water Partnership 2018-02-11
2 Minister Chen Lei attended the launching ceremony of the Lao National Water I... 2018-02-09
3 Vice Minister Zhou Xuewen met the World Bank delegation on agriculture and wa... 2018-02-08
4 Minister Chen Lei met with Lao Minister of Natural Resources and Environment 2017-11-17
5 Chen Lei Attended High Level Dialogue Conference of China-Europe Water Platform 2017-10-10
6 Vice Minister Tian Xuebin attended the 9th WATEC Israel 2017 and visited Romania 2017-09-29
7 Minister Chen Lei met Malaysian Minister of Natural Resources and Environment 2017-07-26
8 Minister Chen met Swedish Minister of Environment and Energy 2017-07-05
9 Vice Minister Ye Jianchun paid an official visit to Russia 2017-06-27
10 Vice Minister Lu Guihua attended the 16th World Water Congress and visited Ec... 2017-06-13
11 Minster Chen Lei met Vice Minister of the Polish Environment 2017-05-22
12 Minster Chen Lei met his counterpart from Denmark 2017-05-15
13 Minister Chen Lei paid an official visit to Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh 2017-04-25
14 Vice Minister Ye Jianchun attended the opening ceremony of the 4th meeting of... 2017-04-06
15 Minister Chen Lei met the Indonesian Minister of Public Works and Housing 2017-04-01
16 Minister Chen Lei calls for green development and highlights river chief syst... 2017-03-22
17 Vice Minister Liu Ning met his counterpart from Ireland 2017-03-20
18 Minister Chei Lei spoke to the media at the sidelines of the National People'... 2017-03-15
19 Vice Minister Zhou Xuewen met delegations of LM Five Member Countries in Beijing 2017-03-06
20 Minister Chen Lei made the new year greetings. 2017-01-06