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Heavy rain triggers alerts over National Day holiday
China Daily    2021-10-08 16:35  

Rescue teams repair a southern section of the Datong-Yuncheng Railway, the foundation of which was washed away by floodwaters, in Qixian county, Shanxi province, on Thursday. [Photo by Li Zhaomin/for China Daily]

The lives of people in some parts of central and northern China were disrupted by days of heavy rain that triggered disasters like landslides and flooding during the National Day holiday.

Shanxi province launched a level 3 emergency response for flood control on Wednesday following casualties in house collapses and landslides triggered by the rain, its emergency management department said.

The province has seen unusually heavy rain in recent days, with the accumulated rainfall in most parts of Shanxi from Saturday to Wednesday exceeding 100 millimeters and some surpassing 200 mm, said Hu Xiao, chief weather analyst at Weather China, a website of the China Meteorological Administration.

The province has seldom seen such strong precipitation in early October, with the rain creating record highs for the period in cities including Taiyuan and Jinzhong, he said.

The rain stopped on Wednesday, but will resume on Friday and Saturday, Hu added.

Villages, farmland and roads in low-lying regions near the Wuma River in Qingxu county, Taiyuan, have been submerged by rising water, forcing the evacuation of more than 15,000 people in eight villages.

Ten pairs of trains running through Qixian county, Jinzhong, saw services suspended because the railway base on a bridge was washed away by rapidly flowing water.

More than 380 soldiers have been working on consolidating dikes along the Xianyang River since Wednesday.

They had consolidated 600 meters of dike and moved 2,000 sheep to safety by Thursday morning, Yang Zhongfeng, an official in Beiguang, a town in Jinzhong, told people.cn.

Rising river levels caused by continuous rainfall have been observed not only in small rivers in some areas but also in the Yellow River, triggering this year's third flood warning.

Source: China Daily