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Ministry of Water Resources exchanged views with Global Water Partnership
  2018-02-11 10:08  

On January 31, 2018, Mr. Zhou Xuewen, Vice Minister of Water Resources, met Madame Oyun Sanjaasuren, Chair of Global Water Partnership, in Beijing. The parties exchanged views on upgrading pragmatic cooperation, sharing cutting-edge water management concepts and successful experience, and realizing water-related goals of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Madame Cai Qihua, Chair of Global Water Partnership China, took part in the meeting.


Vice Minister Zhou expressed his warm welcome to Oyun and conveyed the greetings of Minister Chen Lei. He pointed out that in recent years Ministry of Water Resources of China carried out fruitful cooperation with Global Water Partnership in the fields of institutional building, high-level visits, personnel exchanges and financial support. Vice Minister Zhou briefly introduced water resources condition, achievements and latest policies, concepts of Green Development and Giving Priority to Ecology, as well as new progresses of implementing the most stringent water resources management system and establishment of water-saving society. He also highlighted that Global Water Partnership enjoys a wide reputation in the field of water resources management. By taking the advantage of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, both sides shall continuously enhance personnel exchanges and capacity building, and jointly promote Lancang-Mekong Cooperation and South-South Cooperation, in order to share state-of-art know-how and concepts with countries in the world and jointly respond to challenges brought by climate change.


Oyun recognized the enduring support of Ministry of Water Resources of China, and spoke highly of China’s water accomplishments and management philosophies. She emphasized that Chinese experts played an important role in Steering Committee and Nomination Committee of Global Water Partnership, and made great contributions with China's experience and solutions to the development of global water partners. Global Water Partnership really expected China to play a leading role in the field of water resources at the global level, by means of jointly publishing books and organizing training activities for capacity building, so as to popularize successful experience and practices of China in the respects of integrated water resources management and safeguarding water security.


Officials from relevant departments of Ministry of Water Resources and Global Water Partnership China attended the meeting.