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Taihu Lake to treat pollution and reproduce fine view

Jiangsu Party Secretary Li Qiang reiterated the need to achieve high standards in treating Taihu Lake's pollution during a June 6 visit to a treatment plant.

Minimizing the levels of Taihu Lake's pollution and controlling the algae problem is particularly critical during the early summer months and Li's visit proved a timely reminder of the work that stands ahead in terms of waste-water treatment and reducing the quantity of sewage.

In reference to the algae bloom that often forms in late May and early June on account of agricultural over-fertilization, the senior official encouraged local enterprises to employ the latest technological advancements to transfer algae into useful resources such as biofuel.

Li was joined by Li Xiaomin, Wuxi's Party secretary, and Fan Jinlong, secretary-general of Jiangsu Province, all of whom took part in a symposium discussing the Taihu Lake water pollution situation in Wuxi, Suzhou, and Changzhou.

During the meeting Li was keen to note the importance of the Wuxi-based Taihu Lake plant.

"The treatment project is a landmark part of our province's attempt at positive ecological construction. The process of treating the lake began more than 10 years ago in 2007 and the water quality in Taihu Lake has great improved, but we still face serious challenges."

Li urged the local government to apply problem-oriented solutions to prevent any deterioration in the water quality.

Li Xiaoming announced a series of measures that have already been implemented since the turn of the year.

"The next stage will see the Wuxi government implement contingency plans to safeguard Taihu Lake according to the requirements discussed in this meeting."

A new Taihu Lake treatment program will pay special attention to controlling the outbreak of algae blooms as well as seeking to curtail nitrogen and phosphorus pollution and carry out the construction of the key water projects. (Source: China Daily)