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1 China promotes global water resources management 2018-11-12
2 China unveils plan for Huaihe River green economic belt 2018-11-09
3 Nature reserves now cover 18 percent of China 2018-11-07
4 Haikou honored as international wetland city 2018-10-26
5 New wetlands help to transform tourist capital 2018-10-26
6 Water level in Tibet barrier lake drops after overflow 2018-10-22
7 Over 6,000 people evacuated following barrier lake formation in Tibet 2018-10-19
8 Water level of barrier lake in landslide-hit area in SW China back to normal 2018-10-16
9 Rain to hit south China, smog to hit north 2018-10-15
10 China clears bird netting around country's largest freshwater lake 2018-10-15
11 Super Typhoon Mangkhut lands on south China coast 2018-09-18
12 Super Typhoon Mangkhut slams south China 2018-09-18
13 China issues red alert for super typhoon Mangkhut 2018-09-17
14 China activates emergency response to support flood-hit Guangdong 2018-09-07
15 China allocates 177 mln yuan for flood relief 2018-09-07
16 Massive rainfall affects Guangdong 2018-09-07
17 Achievements made in desert control along Yarlung Zangbo River in SW China 2018-08-24
18 China launches emergency flood relief response in Anhui 2018-08-24
19 Typhoon Soulik to bring gales to east China 2018-08-22
20 China renews alert for Typhoon Soulik 2018-08-21