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1 Water diversion of the Middle Route of South-to-North Water Transfer reaches ... 2020-05-25
2 Chinese vice premier stresses water supply safety in Xiongan New Area 2020-05-19
3 Efforts by Shenzhen and Hong Kong are keeping river clean 2020-05-18
4 China reaffirms commitment to green development 2020-05-14
5 Chinese prosecutors step up support for environmental protection 2020-05-14
6 China allocates 490 mln yuan for flood control, drought relief 2020-05-08
7 Central government allocates 2.5 billion yuan for rural water ecology 2020-05-06
8 Beijing sees improvement in water quality 2020-05-06
9 Ministry of Water Resources endeavors to prepare for this year's flood contro... 2020-04-27
10 China optimizes sewage treatment charging mechanism in Yangtze River Economic... 2020-04-16
11 Press conference held on pandemic prevention and control and production resum... 2020-04-03
12 Better water quality sees wildlife returning to lake 2020-04-02
13 Prioritize saving water and building happy rivers and lakes 2020-03-27
14 China ramps up efforts to improve water environment 2020-03-25
15 Water conservancy facilities provide safe drinking water for locals in Guangxi 2020-03-24
16 China begins building Yangtze River protection project in Wuhan 2020-03-23
17 South China hydro project starts water storage 2020-03-16
18 MWR Announces Schedules for World Water Day 2020 and China Water Week 2020-03-16
19 World Water Day 2020: 10 Facts About the Water Crisis 2020-03-09
20 World Water Day 2020 – Water and Climate Change 2020-03-09