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1 Erhai lake cleans up its act in pollution fight 2019-02-15
2 Environment protection campaign revitalizes China's Honghu Lake 2019-02-14
3 Water quality of Baiyangdian Lake in Xiongan improved in 2018 2019-02-12
4 Waterbirds wintering in Dongting Lake up 6.3 percent 2019-02-11
5 Guangdong to build 39 wetland parks in 2 years 2019-02-11
6 China unveils action plan to protect, restore Yangtze River 2019-01-28
7 Water resources watchdog pledges supervision of river and lake chiefs 2019-01-28
8 Yangtze drinking water violations vastly rectified 2019-01-25
9 China celebrates World Wetlands Day in Haikou 2019-01-22
10 System to protect water extended across country 2019-01-21
11 Baiyangdian cleanup plan emerging to boost Xiongan 2019-01-18
12 China mulls two canals to link Yangtze, Pearl rivers 2019-01-17
13 'Mother lake' in Yunnan sees best water quality in 30 years 2019-01-17
14 Chinese prefecture bans releasing exotic fish at water source 2019-01-16
15 The State Council Information Office held press conference to inform progress... 2019-01-09
16 The 8th Meeting of Joint Committee on China-Mongolia Trans-Border Waters held... 2019-12-30
17 China's seawater quality improves, inshore areas partly polluted: report 2018-12-26
18 Lancang-Mekong Cooperation brings hope, prosperity to less-developed countries 2018-12-20
19 Forum seeks better ways to enforce law against polluters 2018-12-19
20 Scientist warns less water supply as glaciers retreat 2018-12-18