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1 Sichuan, Gansu bear brunt of deadly floods 2018-07-13
2 Heavy rain causes rising water levels in major Chinese rivers 2018-07-13
3 China launches emergency response for flood relief 2018-07-12
4 Residents evacuated, boats moored as Typhoon Maria approaches China 2018-07-11
5 Water returns to dried up lake in Xinjiang 2018-07-11
6 Salt lake database created in China 2018-07-11
7 Xinjiang to invest heavily in drinking water project 2018-07-10
8 China steps up crackdown on environmental offenses along Yangtze River 2018-07-10
9 Heavy rain continues to batter China 2018-07-09
10 Three Gorges reservoir braces for flood 2018-07-05
11 Rainstorms cause flooding in Shaanxi 2018-07-04
12 Rainstorm hits more Chinese cities 2018-07-04
13 Qingdao Intl Water Conference focuses on resources, treatment 2018-07-03
14 China issues yellow alert for rainstorms 2018-06-26
15 China to launch river, lake protection campaign 2018-06-25
16 Heavy rain disrupts rail traffic in southwest China 2018-06-22
17 Sewage treatment facilities bring new life to countryside 2018-06-20
18 Yunnan sees progress in restoration of lake 2018-06-19
19 World Bank loan to help Chinese city handle floods, pollution 2018-06-18
20 Heavy rain to hit parts of China 2018-06-17