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1 Beijing closes 171 tourist sites amid rain, flights disrupted 2017-08-18
2 700 villagers evacuated due to dam breach in central China 2017-08-17
3 Inspectors expose pollution problems in North China 2017-08-16
4 China makes all-out rescue effort after 7.0-magnitude quake 2017-08-15
5 Growth and eco-protection not antithetical 2017-08-15
6 Deadly storms, slides plague provinces 2017-08-15
7 China sewage treatment firm posts surging profit 2017-08-15
8 Construction of world's second largest hydropower station begins 2017-08-08
9 Thousands of polluters shut down in Hebei 2017-08-08
10 China to boost green manufacturing in Yangtze River Economic Belt 2017-08-02
11 10 die, 1 missing in northwest China flood 2017-08-02
12 China launches emergency response for dual typhoons 2017-08-02
13 Major storms deliver a double punch 2017-08-02
14 Typhoon Nesat makes landfall in east China 2017-08-02
15 China and Malaysia strengthen water cooperation 2017-07-26
16 China releases Yangzte environmental protection plan 2017-07-26
17 China renews blue alert for rainstorms 2017-07-26
18 Lake in new area slated for ecological improvements 2017-07-21
19 Flooding in Guangxi affects 80,000 people 2017-07-21
20 From dirty to clean: a tale of Xinjiang drinking water 2017-07-21