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1 China activates level-III emergency response for floods 2022-05-12
2 Level-IV emergency response activated to cope with strongest rainfa... 2022-05-12
3 China activates Level-IV emergency response for floods 2022-05-10
4 Regulation on protecting major lake in E China to go into effect 2022-05-07
5 Chinese reservoirs bring about benefits, not threats 2022-05-07
6 China's large-scale water supply projects to cover 54 percent of ru... 2022-05-06
7 Safeguarding source of China's "mother river" 2022-05-06
8 Regulation on protecting major lake in East China to go into effect 2022-04-29
9 China supports its Ningxia region in protecting Yellow River basin 2022-04-29
10 China accelerates research on key water conservancy technology 2022-04-24
11 New book telling stories for China's water-related journals 2022-04-24
12 China's air, water quality improves in first three months 2022-04-24
13 The 2022 Singapore International Water Week was kicked off 2022-04-20
14 Major lakes in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau see significant water increase 2022-04-18
15 Level of groundwater in Beijing reaches two-decade high 2022-04-15
16 More funds for water conservancy 2022-04-11
17 Ancient water-saving wisdom in UNESCO world heritage 2022-04-07
18 China endeavors to fight water scarcity 2022-04-02
19 Reservoir on Yellow River boosts water flow to assist spring farming 2022-03-30
20 Water environment improved in dual-Olympic city of Beijing 2022-03-30